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Our Products

Standard Color Comp Cards
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 >>more info
100 for $139
250 for $159
500 for $239
1000 for $359

Postcard Mailers and Cards
Size: 4 x 6 >>more info
1000 for $229
2000 for $319

Size: 2 x 3.5 >>more info
1000 for $135
2000 for $205

Choose From 3 Difference Sizes To Fit Your Needs.
8.5x5.5 Standard - 4x6 Postcards - 2x3.5 MiniComps

8.5x5.5 Standard Comp Cards

8.5 x 5.5 size Comp Cards or Zed Cards are the standard marketing material for models and actors as well as photographer, make-up artist, and musicians. They are used at casting calls and/or mailed out to potential employers for review. A great comp card should include images that show your range of age, style, and expression.

With custom design, we can individualize an eye-catching, high impact Comp Card that can't be missed. Your clients are sure to notice the extra effort you put into marketing yourself.
In a business where getting noticed means having to stand out, your Comp Card can be the difference between landing a job or not.


4x6 Postards

4x6 Postcards are a great way to promote yourself! Inexpensive to print and mail, they are perfect for casting call mail outs, shopping for new agencies, autograph cards or to promote upcoming events as announcements. You can also just use them as smaller Comp Cards.

With our 4x6 Postcards, you have the option of designing your card with either images on the front and back or just on one side leaving the back for mailing information just like a postcard.


2x3.5 MiniComp (Business Card Size)

In today’s competitive world of modeling and entertainment, every chance encounter could be a job opportunity. MiniComps take the place of your comp card for these chance encounters.

MiniComps are your business card. They are your first opportunity to make a good first impression. We custom design and print business card size (2x3.5) composite cards that you can carry on you all of the time. Being able to give new contacts a Mini Composite Card will insure they remember you and the professional image you convey.

They are printed on the same thick 14-point card stock used in all of our printing. They can even have the same layout and still with photographic quality!

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